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Gingham & Stripes

Soon we gonna start talking about Spring / Summer 2017 Trends around here ;) ! And you gonna see that this season is again poor in prints ;-(( !! 

BUT there are 2 MUST HAVES, Gingham and Stripes, and you need them even more on a Shirt ;)

So today I'm happy to share with you an inspiration post about the Gingham and Stripes Poly Cotton we just put online !

* Gingham on the SS 2017 Runways :

Fashion Show pictures from : Altuzarra - J.Crew - House of Holand - Antonio Marras - Dolce & Gabbana - from left to right

 * Gingham inspirations and some pattern proposals :

 - clic on the pictures to see them full size -
 1 - To Have a Shirt Dress with dropped shoulders like here I would suggest to mix the 2 following patterns : the Melilot from Deer & Doe and Hermes from I am Pattern,
2 - Jumpy from Ready to Sew woul look stuning in Gingham isn't it ? I would just suggest to wait until we get the heavier weight ;) 
3 - What about a pattern hack of Aime comme Mine de rien fom Aime comme Marie ? 
4 - do you like the mix Gingham, Flounces ? have a look at the Sissy pattern from Style Arc  ?
5 - for us French people Red/White Gingham belongs on tablecloth and not on shirts, but if Inès is wearing it, we all can right ? for this basic one I would suggest the Adeline pattern from Coralie Bijasson,but your favorite one, will for sure do the job ;).
3 - For this one you would need to hack the Lexi pattern from Named by "just" dropping the shoulder a little more ... any better suggestion ?  

 1 - Eole from Dessine moi un Patron, would be great no ? adding the flounces will be a taste matter ;) ;),
2 - mixing Marthe and Vanessa from République du Chiffon just sleeveless ? I like that Idea I took from Bee Made's blog ;) ;)

 * Stripes on the SS 2017 runways :
Fashion Show Pictures from : Alexander Wang - Balenciaga - Anna Sui - Chloé - Banana Republic - Band of Outsider - J.Crew - from left to right -

* Stripes Inspirations and some pattern suggestions :

1 - What if to realize this beauty we mix Hermes from I am Pattern and Suzon from République du Chiffon ?? I don't know what about you, but I LOVE this Idea ...!!!
2 - the shirt on the modele is I think simply an oversized Men's Shirt crossed inside the trouser ... not really comfy to wear no ? 
This pictures calls a stripped version of Jane from Ready to Sew ;)
3 - Aime comme Magellan from Aime comme Marie would be a great base for this one ... a larger ruffle with a macramé tape and long sleeves with a cuff and done it is ;) 
4 - A Pair & A Spare, already proposed a FREE dropped shoulder tutorial in 2015 ... it would be a nice 2017 version in stripped cotton with ruffles at sleeve end and bottom ;) 

As I told you at the begging of the post, Spring / Summer 2017 is THE Shirt, Blouse, Woven Top Season !

- would you be interested to know the difference between this 3 Items ?
* a Shirt does have a button ledge so for sure buttons, if not it become a blouse,
* a Blouse is necessarily in woven, if the style is in knit it becomes a t-shirt or a top ;)
* the term Top, en globes all what we wear at the top of our body, woven and jersey mixed (expected jackets and coats etc ...)
I agree this are not capital information's and most of you may know ;) but with the amount of different words the textile industry carries it's easier if we all speak the same language ;) ;).

So here a few more nice Top patterns adapted for the Poly Cotton Gingham and Stripes fabric !
Ruffles, Strings, Belted effects, Flared Sleeves, Gathered necks, Oversized Shapes but also and in particular basics are super IN this season and are gonna be everywhere, so here are a looots of patterns  to be Fashion in DIY ;) ;) ! 

That's it for the moment ;) 
If there's nothing you like, I don't know what I could do more ;) ;) !

I'm really anxious to see your beautiful makes, so do not hesitate to share them with us under the #thesweetmercerie ;)

I wish you a great weekend, I'll see you soon ;)
Stay safe,

Yvonne - The Sweet Mercerie


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