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And what if we started the weekend talking clothes and sewing ??

We just put online a new plain 270 gr/m² Twill, a midweight twill perfect to sew trousers, shorts, skirts and even light Jacket like a Blazer or a Spirng Teddy ! 
And you know me now, it's always an opportunity to share a few inspirations with you ;)

The Twill is available in Black, Grey, Blue, Hazelnut, Beige and Khaki !
Yes, only neutral colors, so you can combine them with Punchy Tops ;) ;) !!

Here are a gew Idea of what you can do with this twill : 

* Trouser and Shorts :
Twill is THE Chino fabric and as we see them everywhere at the moment, let's enjoy it ;)

Photos Pinterest - Asos / Burberry/Mango
it's still not really the season to wear shorts, but soon !! ;) ;) (yes, yes, I'm an optimist ;) ..) ! and the 2 tights silhouettes look great don't they ? 

My Pattern proposals:

Another "Trouser" shape perfect for Twill , Dungarees :
Photo inspiration : Pinterest

Skirts : Mini or knee lenght, with or without buttons, endless possibilities ;) 
Photos Pinterest

My pattern proposals :

Jackets : Twill is a casual fabric, so it's important a specialy for this product to keep it in mind - Twill will give a Casual look to any pattern - cf the Blazer -

Photos Pinterest & Pauline Alice ;)

My pattern proposals :

Dresses : when we talk about Twill, dresses are not really the first thing you think about .... Dress patterns are in general "Girly" or "Retro" so they need fluid fabrics and that's not the first quality of Twill ;) 
BUT ..... I found a few proposals ;) 

The Dungare Dress !!

and there's ONE style perfect for Twill, the Safari Dress ... !!!
I'm not sure, I found the perfect patterns, they seam to be for lighter Twill fabrics, but I could not find a better option, so if you have a better one, please share !!
Same for a Safari Jacket, impossible to find a pattern matching for this Twill, they are all made for lighter fabrics ... (do we need a jacket in a really light fabric, that's another question ;) ..), to be honest I did not check the Burda Jungle, so if you have one to share, please do so !!

Inspiration Burberry,

Si, I think we pretty talked about all options when talking about twill styles for Women !

But Twill is also a pefcet fabric for Men or Kids ;) just saying ;) ;)

here on pattern side, I would suggest :

You think you where over my post ??? I can not finish without sharing a few complet silhouettes ....  

Silhouette 1 : here the main piece is the IRIS top from Slow-Sunday Paris, the knots on the sleves (and this knots in general) are THE detail of the season, we will talked about it really soon during the trend posts ! l

Silhouette N°2 : here the start is the Khaki colour ! It was already a must this past Winter season, Khaki is still on for Spring / Summer and with what I saw from next Winter shows we are not over it yet ;) 
Combined with the lurex it breacks the military effect that the color easely gives ! 

Silhouette N°3 : the main piece if this silhouette is the shirt, we gonna talk about this as well really soon in the Trend posts !! A shirt is THE piece you need to sew this up-comming season, so if like me you are a little afraid of the button ledge, it's about time to train ;).

1 - ROME pattern, long sleeve version,
2 - in Rosewood Porto Crepe,
3 - Aime comme Mince alors short,
4 - Grey Twill,

Sooo we finaly arrive to the end of this way too long post ;) Hope you will like it and that it will inspire you a little ;)

We wish you a really great and cozy weekend !!
Yvonne & Djelani - The Sweet Mercerie


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