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It's Begging to Look a lot like Christmas !! - GB -

It's Begging to Look a lot like Christmas !!

In exactly 1 month it's Christmas Eve (But where did this year go ??? ....) so it's about time to start thinking about our outfit, right ?

We are happy to introduce to you today the fabrics we specialy secleted for this occasion ! And as you may know, if it's not the first time you have a look here, I always like to propose you some inspiration and some matching Pattern / Fabric ideas .

What are this year trends ?

* colour wise, the winning duo of the season is without any doubt Black / Gold , but let's not forget about pinks, greens, a little red and midnight blue ...
* what about fabrics, nothing happens this season without velvet, it's as simple as this ;) !! 
but if you like sequins, metalic fabrics and satin, there will be something for you as well ... added of few touches of Plumetis, Lace and Leather !!

Let's have a look ;) ! 

I'll start with the perfect party outfit : a Dress

I selected 6 patterns who would work quit well with our fabric collection :

* The new Dessine Moi un Patron pattern Bonnie, that I would do in 2 diffenrent fabrics and that for a good reason ;) ... I would attached the cape only with a few points to the dress, in order to re-cut a more wearable version in Spring ;) 
- the dress could be in Black Porto crepe,
- and the cape in multico pleated Tull or in Golden Pleated Satin,

* The Seda Dress from Pauline Aline version B, here as well with the body in Black Porto crepe and the yoke in Black Plumetis or Black / Gold Lace ;)

* Let's speak about the fabric of the season ;) Velvet ! And this new released pattern from Pauline Alice, the Aldaia Dress version C is perfect for that !
It could be in plain Midnight Blue, Mustard or Black Velvet, or in Black / Gold printed Velvet.

* my next proposal is a classic for the festive season, the LBD and is 100% reusable all year long !! I would suggest the new Schnittchen pattern Jeannie, I just love this shape, maybe that's gonna be my Christmas Eve outfit  ... ;) 
- it could be done in Black Stretch Twill or in Knit Velvet (and if that's your choice, you can skip the zipper, that earns some time, what's not bad ;)...)

* the 3 next shapes are maybe little more "Trendy" and maybe more for New-Year's Eve than Christmas ;)
Let's Start with a Slip Dress, the Lane shape from Named in Cupper foil Jersey

* a 2snd slip dress is based on the free pattern from Pauline Alice, the Bailén Dress, in Pink pleated Satin with silver foil .... and that's what it would look like :
if you like this version, let me give you another argument ;) it will be perfect for the up-comming summer weared with a simple white tee and some sneackers ;)

* You may have seen this "Ballerina" trend that started this Fall, that could be something for Christmas as well ;) ! With the Formidable pattern from Louis Antoinette, with the skirt in pleated tull and the top in Black Strasbourg crepe or even in Black Scuba knit ;)
Or if dresses are not your cup of tea, it could be a Tull skirt and a plain Black Top (yes, right, I have a solution for nearly everything ;) ..) 
  That's it for the Dresses, I think there should be something for every taste and style ;) !

- Another must have of the season that can be nice for the festive season : the pleasted skirt ;)
* I used the Lumme pattern from Named (on sale at the moment ;) ...) in the Pink with silver foil pleated satin ! With that better stay soft and neutral when it comes to the top ;) so I would suggest to pair it with the Tulli Body from Named in Grey/Silver Jersey for a more casual silhouette !
Or with the Bailèn Top from Pauline Alice in Sand crepe for a more feminine look ;).
You add some accessories and it's done ! And you have an outfit you can wear when ever you feel like !

* For the second look with a skirt I went for another must have of the season, the Rib Top !! Kommatia Patterns created a special pattern for this fabric ;) I would see that really well with a Bordeaux leatherette pencil skirt !

For sure some trousers could not miss in my selection ;) 

Here as well I selected 2 casual styles but adapted for the situation, don't worry ;) and a more dressed up silhouette but really modern (why m'I using this word, I hate ?? ;)..)

* First up, the Tyyni trouser from Named in a stretch twil with foil (really confortable, if you had a little to much dessert, if you know what I mean ;)...),
paired with a Lace Selja shirt or a pleated Tull top : 

* My second proposal is based on the Sorell trouser from Pauline Alice (on sale at the moment right here .... ) in a Pinhead Gabardine to wear with the Eva blouse from Coralie Bijasson in crepe and Lace ! I have to say, me with my more Casual look, loove that silhouette ;) :
 * And finaly my 3rd and last proposal is also based on a season's must have, the Jogger ! And nothing less than a Velvet Jogger ;) I stayed on the save side using the Black Velvet and not the Mustard one like on the inspiration picture (but why not ...). As velvet is a little shinny I would pair it with a soft Black Crepe Bailén Top.

And to close this waayy to long post (thanks for those who arrived until here ;) we for sure need a littel cardigan to match all this outfits right ?? 
I would go for an easy to combine and recycle Black body feeted one, and the best shape for that, is for me the Lola cardigan from Schnittchen !   
   Hope this silhouettes inspired you a little and gave you some envy to plan a special outfit for the holidays ;)

Have a great evening and a cool warm weekend,

Yvonne - The Sweet Mercerie 


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