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                 Fall / Winter 2015 Tends                            

We are back with the 2nd part of the Fall / Winter 2015 Trends : the themes !!

But what are we talking about ?? 
After the Ready to Wear Fashion Shows, information's are collected and transformed into themes / stories and some Trends are coming out of this process, trends that will be used by all the textile industry, the graphic designers from the fabric suppliers, the Stylists from the producer, or the magazines etc, etc ...

For this review, I will show you only the  "Wearable" Trends and the influences we can use in our sewing passion ;). There's no reason I talk to you about the "Concept" dresses from Yohji Yamamoto or even the See-Through trend as it will be complicated to wear it in our day to day life ;) - and Vogue talks about them much better than what I could do ;)

For this Fall / Winter 2015 season the biggest Trends are :

THE biggest theme of the season is without any doubt the Boho Chic / 70'th theme we have already seen this summer and that will for sure continue next Spring / Summer, so I hope it inspire's you ;) ;). 

It's because or due to (according to your taste) this theme that the Brown / Beige / Orange colors are that strong this season. And also due to this theme that some shapes mark's there comeback, like the Pussybow blouses or dresses, but that we will talk about in the next post ;)
This theme goes also together with some fabrics like Velvet, Lace/Guipure or Sheepskin and shapes like long dresses or skirts or even ponchos !!

* Graphic Prints they have been in the shops already last Winter season but also during Spring / Summer 2015,  for this Winter season the "classic Winter graphics" are in, I separated them in 4 groups :

Checks : if you like them enjoy ;) all types of checks are in this season, big once's, small checks, Black & White checks, Black / Red / Grey checks, navy checks etc, etc ... 
Something new on the check horizon, the Gentleman Farmer checks are coming back ;)

Stripes, again and again, to gave them a little twist select them Black & White ;) 

And there's also something quite new in this Graphic Trend, the Houndstooth prints are back,

and to close this Graphic print chapter, a little focus on Black and White prints perfect for the season start ;)

The 3rd Trend, that was realy visible on the catwalk, does not need a big introduction, the visuals will speak for themselves ;) ;)

Flower prints :

The last 2 themes are much smaller but they bring some new imput ;) ;)

Like the Officer theme. This theme is never far when we start talking about Khaki color ;) - it's mostly a Jacket theme with the comeback of the Sailor's Jacket but also the Sailor's Trousers and a lot of buttoned shapes !!

and last but not least the Rock / Punk theme is finally  back ;) ;) in a soft version !! It's more of a plain theme, but there are some stipes and black and red Checks. The theme is more about the shapes and the fabrics used ;))

so that have been the main Trends !! For sure this are inspiration bases that everyone will adapte on his own style ... it's not because it's Fashion that we will like it !! With sewing we have the chance to create a wardrobe according to our taste, to our shape and still be in "Fashion".

I wanted to take the opportunity to have a close up on some fabrics we will use this Fall / Winter season :

* All that Glitters, if you like to shine, it's the season or never ;) ;). It' doesn't matter thfabric or the shape as long as it sh* Fake colored Fur or Sheepskin.

This season also announce the comeback of pleated fabrics ;)

We gonna have a soft Winter thanks to Velvet !! in woven as well as in jersey (Nicki) 

Let's not forget about Quilted Fabrics :

Lace / Guipure are still very much in Fashion, allover or only as yoke,

Still a really hot item, Jacquard designs !!

Leather and PU, again for a full garment or only a yoke,

and let's close this review with Scuba / Néoprène, some designers still had the fabric in there collection, but it's going to end soon, the fabric is not selling really well for our normal ready to wear brands and so there are nearly no productions at the moment ;-((

We try to construct our offer our this Trends, but sometimes with quantity, quality and price constraint we have to be a little flexible, that's why I can not guarantee you that you will see every trend in the shop, but we do our best ;) ;)

Hope you like it and See you soon with a Shape / Detail Feedback !!


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